Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Oh, Bother!"

It seems appropriate to quote that honey-loving Pooh Bear when it comes to KFC's Honey Sauce. That's right, HONEY SAUCE. I don't know how long KFC has been pawning off this little package of deception since I don't like honey and don't put their honey on my biscuits.

Last night we were sitting at the table eating our chicken when my daughter noticed that those little packets said Honey Sauce and not just Honey. Then she read the ingredient list: the first is high fructose corn syrup! Followed by sugar and then honey! Honey is the 3rdingredient. Was there ever a time that KFC served straight honey in these little pouches or has it always been a lie?

I realize that this is technically not a lie or a fraud on the the masses because it is clearly labeled as honey sauce, not honey. But it feels like a rip off plain and simple.

Of course, we are getting used to these types of things. We've watched the size of candy bars shrink while the prices continue to increase. Today's Hershey bar looks like the old 3-ounce bar but it's only 1.5 ounces. They haven't changed the height or the width, but they have made it a lot thinner, but the price is well padded. And then they add

Where these marketing tactics really infuriate me is when I'm cooking. The recipe calls for a 28-oz bottle of spaghetti sauce but you can only buy spaghetti sauce in 26-oz bottles.

I realize prices are increasing for the manufacturers, too. I just don't want them to water down, decrease size and all-in-all ruin

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