Sunday, March 01, 2009

February 2009 - In Hindsight*

Not much to report really. Everyday sort of blended into the next and before I knew it February was over. I haven't had that regular bout of depression that usually menaces me in the winter until late spring. This may the first year ever that I haven't been depressed on Alyson's birthday which is still a few days off, but I'm usually dreading how I'm going to make it a good day for her.
Anyway, back to February . . .

1 - John, Jen and the kids came over. Candleman made pancakes. Some watched the Superbowl.

4 - Shaneen's birthday.

6 - Katie and I watched Made of Honor.

9 - Naomi D stopped by this morning with breakfast from McDonald's. We had a good, long visit before she headed back to the city. She had a long weekend off work and came out by herself to visit her family.

13- Candleman and I drove out to Home Depot in Park City to pick up some interior doors for the upstairs rooms. We listened to Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and a little bit of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. We shared some good conversation time, too.

13 - Mark's birthday.

28 - Steve's birthday.

We had some sad news - Ronnie's mother passed away, so our hearts were heavy for him and Kristi.

Goals - I've been trying to cook more of our evening meals and, although I'm not doing great, I am doing better than I have in years.

Movies - Secret Life of Bees, Made of Honor

TV series - I watched episodes 1-8 of 24 on the computer and episode 9 on TV. Amazing Race started its new season and I've been watching Biggest Looser. From Netflix - Candleman and I have watched Shark (it only lasted for 2 seasons!), Eli Stone (season 1), Northern Exposure (season 3). Most of the ones from Netflix are carryovers from previous months.

Books - Still Life, Incomplete Revenge, The Tipping Point, Singer of All Songs, Seeing Redd, The Secret, Midori, I Feel Bad about My Neck, The Edge of Winter, Nutcase.

A few things I mentioned in my Gratitude Journal - My mother, cheese, car, book darts, tried-and-true recipes, warm fuzzies, meaningful movies, toilet tissue, Microsoft Office Word 2007, dictionary, my computer, audio books, Dryers Lime Fruit Bars, bed linens, home, music, my new library, words, traveling, Candleman.

*Quote - "...the problem with hindsight is that you never have it until after you need it." --- from Crossed by Nicole Galland


julie said...

I love the quote! So very, very true.

Sounds like a good month. That's sad about Ronnie's mom, I hope he and his family are doing okay, well, as okay as can be expected.

If you had to choose one of the books you read this month to recommend to someone, which one would it be?

BTW, the word verification word is "webook". Nifty, eh?

Booklogged said...

Julie, it's easier to pick my favorite read in one month. For you, I highly recommend Still Life by Louise Penny. It's the mystery that takes place in a small town south of Montreal.

If you read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and, if you like sci/fi even just a little bit, I think you'd enjoy The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor. I read the 2nd in the trilogy, Seeing Redd, this month.

Turn about's fair play. What is one book you read this month or, if you'd like, since the beginning of the year that you really liked?

Framed said...

Funny, I often think how unbearable life would be without toilet paper. It's a must for my emergency preparedness plan. Must buy more.

Alyson said...

I'm glad you are not feeling depressed like most years. If it makes you feel better, I was an adult before I knew you had such a hard time with my birthdays, so you did a wonderful job making my day great. :) I hope all of your Februaries (Februarys?) and Marches are good from here on out.