Sunday, April 05, 2009

Looking Back At March

I don't have much to write about my March activities. As you read this you may draw a parallel between this small post and driving through a small town - "Don't blink or you might miss it!"

5-8 ~ Alyson was visiting from SLC. The 5th is her birthday!

18 ~ Saw Coraline with Katie. Enjoyed our evening out together and loved the show.

26-30 ~ Candleman, Kristi and Katie helped Alyson move to her new apartment in Las Vegas. Aly has a new job.

Books: Read 9 books. My favorites were Skeletons at the Feast, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Movies: Coraline (Katie and I listened to this book together when we drove to Colorado before Jeff was born in 2001. It was a neat experience to discuss this book with my then 12-yr-old daughter. I reread it several years later. I felt the they did a good job of capturing the essence of the book, but I am glad I read the book first.)

TV: 24, The Biggest Looser, The Amazing Race (Jenny and I have a fun tradition that started during the last season of The Amazing Race. She leaves the kids home with John and comes to my house so we can't watch it in peace and quiet.)

Netflix: Eureka Season 1 and 2, Northern Exposure (I think we're on Season 4)

Overall Impression: Much like a small town, what you can see isn't all there is. It was a good month. There were several warm, sunny days and about as many cold, dismal (weatherwise) days. I didn't write anything in my gratitude journal, but I feel extremely blessed. This is the first March since Alyson was born that I wasn't depressed. I remember most years dreading her birthday because I hurt from depression and could hardly drag myself through a regular day, let alone try to make the day special for my sweet little daughter. This year I was excited about it and so grateful to know that feeling. Hooray for March 2009!


julie said...

I'm so glad that you had a good month and were feeling well! Yeah! I also love your background - the purple is so spring-y and happy.

What did you think about Eureka? I liked it until something happened in the 3rd season. That's all I'll say. Actually, I still liked it but it is now taking a long break. I hope it's just a break. Eek!

Booklogged said...

Julie, I like Eureka a lot. I wasn't sure Candleman would like it since it was Sci/Fi but he likes it, too. I probably won't find out the 'bad' thing until sometime next year. Need to wait for it to come out on DVD.

Framed said...

I have all six seasons of Northern Exposure that you can borrow. I think the last season or two loses some of the charm.

Cindi said...

March can be depressing. I'm glad you had a good month this year. I hope Alyson likes Vegas.