Thursday, November 02, 2006

13 Kitchen Gadgets

13 Favorite Pampered Chef Products* That I Use and Love
(Listed in No Particular Order)

1. The Food Chopper (pic at left) I don't know what I did before I bought this. I use it for chopping everything from fruits and vegetables to graham crackers, Ritz crackers, nuts, and chocolate. It is great for chopping hot meat for fajitas. My mother bought a cheap version at a store and it didn't work anywhere near as well.

2. I use the family skillet all the time. It is large, with a non-stick coating that doesn't look the least aged even though I've used it for years. It can go from the stove top to the oven. I love it because I can double recipes and freeze one. I used to have to use 2 pans.

3. I love the stoneware with either the white or cranberry finish. I wasn't so sure I would because you need to wash them by hand, but they come clean so easily that is no longer a concern. They are a dream to cook with.

4. The springform pan is ideal for making baked cheesecakes.

5. The silicon basting brush is great because you can just pop it in the dishwasher after each use.

6. Sometimes I take the apple wedger (pic at right) to school and provide my 11 students with a healthy snack. This is another must have.

7. The bamboo spoons are great because they don't absorb food particles like wooden spoons do.

8. Love the microwave rice cooker. (pic on right) It works nicely to store leftover rice in the fridge, too.

9. The adjustable measuring spoons and cups are a real space saver.

10. My husband's favorite item is the garlic press. When I hosted a party 1 1/2 yrs ago, he sat in on it and kept saying he wanted the garlic press. I said, "For crying out loud, we can use a fork for that." We ordered it and I love it.

11. I use the Measure, Mix and Pour (pic at left) for my Raspberry Salad Dressing. It has amounts on the side so I can mix it, serve it and store it in the same container. Looks much nicer than a mason jar. And I can stir the dressing before setting it on the table.

12. Of course, the silicon spatulas are nice and come in several different sizes.

13. Maybe it has something to do with my age, but I couldn't get along without the jar opener (pic at right).

* I know this sounds like an advertisement for Pampered Chef and I guess it sort of is. No, I do not sell it and I get no commission from anyone for mentioning these items on my blog. All I know is since I've supplied my kitchen with a few really good tools, I enjoy cooking more and so does my husband. Now let me tell you about one Pampered Chef product that I am mad that I bought. It's the Ultimate Mandolin (pic at left). I owned something like this once and used it for 20+ years. I loved it, so when I saw this one I bought it since I loved everything else I'd bought from PC. The food holder thing is way to small to hold a half tomato or onion. So I don't use it and have to slice things for barbecues with a knife. They don't come out as even and the onion slices are not as thin.

I know, this is a weird post, but, oh well!


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Anonymous said...

I was about to ask if you had decided to become a pampered chef consultant, but then I read the disclaimer at the end :). I'm only kidding. I love all my pampered chef stuff as well, although I discovered the other day that I don't have the ice cream scoop. How is that possible?

booklogged said...

Oh dear, I forgot to mention the ice cream scoop! Thanks for reminding me, Aly. I don't know how you missed buying the scoop. This is kind of a crazy post.

booklogged said...

Anonymous, that's a very subtle advertising scheme you've got going. Like I believe you just stopped by to look for money making tips!

Myke said...

Pampered Chef is great! I'm all about tools. And the stuff she cooks with them are marvelous dahling!

Framed said...

I think anonymous visited my blog once also. Hmmmm.
You will all be glad to know that my ice cream scoop is finally working. Weird, huh? I love my apple slicer and the food chopper as well. But most of the other things I have bought are still in their plastic sleeves. I need to quit going to those parties. I always buy stuff and I don't cook.

Cassie said...

I had one of those ads from anonymous myself and I think it is because I didn't have my blog setup where you have to type in the funny letters before you can comment and I see that that is the case here so you might want to change that to prevent further comments like that in the future.

Framed said...

My blog requires the squiggly words and he still visited me. It was annoying.

MizB said...

I used to be a Pampered Chef consultant, and so I have a kitchen-full of PChef products! My faves are the Stoneware pieces (all of them!), the measure-all cup, and the oven mitt. ;o)

I LOVE PChef, and my family rolls their eyes at me when I talk about it -- I go on, and on, and on...

<>< Mizbooks

Jee said...

I sort of agree with your review of the Mandolin. I was given one as a reward for hosting, used it once and felt disappointed that it did not give me julienne slicing. So when I was feeling low about my crowded house I gave it to a friend who had just had her kitchen refitted really nice and modern. However, now I regret it...I think I should have given the mandolin another chance. You don't want to give yours away, do you? I would appreciate it! Let me know ; )