Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Week #11 Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About September

1. Summer ends: I know that I look forward to summer for nearly four months every year, but it's nice that it comes to an end.
2. Family reunions are past: Love to get together, visit, laugh, eat, etc. with people you love but don't see often, but it sure takes a chunk out of available weekends.
3. Cooler temperatures: Open the windows and doors and freshen up the house. It's pleasant to lay out in the hammock again and watch the clouds.
4. School starts: My daughter and I are able to see Myke in the mornings. We all have to go to bed a reasonable hours and wake up and get going every day. I get to see my students and help them learn.
5. Abundant harvest: There's corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes for BLTs. And the tomatoes taste 'real' not like polyester as those from the grocery store. Cucumbers and summer squash. Peaches and pears and apples for homemade applesause. Grapes for bottling grape juice. YUM!
6. Change: One of the things I love about seasons is the change, not just in the weather but in the activities. About the time you get tired of moving sprinklers, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden the season changes. Right now all those activities have slowed because of the cool temp. Soon will come shoveling the sidewalks. There's change in wardrobe,too. Bring out the sweaters and sweat shirts. Oh, and all those beautiful scarves we crochet last winter.
7. Soup: Every fall, just like clockwork, I develop a taste for homemade soups. Bring on the corn chowder, brocolli and cheese, clam chowder, white bean and hamhock, chili and chicken noodle. Oh, and the urge to try a few new soup recipes.
8. Fall menus: September is the perfect month to go back to making the comforting dinner of meatloaf, baked potatoes, acorn squash, and apple crisp that all go into the oven together and produce tantalizing aromas.
9. The colors: The different shades of green leaves turn into yellows, oranges, reds, maroons, and browns against a background of greenand brown grasses. A wish I have is to visit the Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont in Sep.
10. The smells: There are smells in the air that different in the fall. One is the smell that comes when you step on fallen leaves or rake the lawn. But there are other subtler smells, too.
11. More tranquility: September brings the renewal of more time at home alone. Awwww.
Time to walk through empty rooms and appreciate the quiet. Time to sit and quietly read without being interrupted. The feeling that for a little while, at least, no one is clamoring for attention, no one else needs you. You're your own person.

A now a couple of 'not so good' things about September:
12. School starts: lesson plans, meetings, whining students, and some of the control-freaks in the administration.
13. Summer ends.


Bellezza said...

I can relate to number 12. While I have a beautiful class this year, and I LOVE teaching, it's always a challenge to kiss summer good-bye and start a frantic work schedule. Even worse, is as you say, some of the administration.

Well, we'll keep looking on the bright side: how we positively bring about change for those we teach.

Bellezza said...

By the way, I like your new look!

Myke said...

September is, far and away, my favorite month! For all the reasons you mention, minus school. I love the out of doors, but avoid it more earnestly in the hot summer than anyother month of the year. I September I get back outside!

ReveryWings said...

Its one of my favorite times of year as well. This past weekend provided some very beautiful colors, subtle because the aspen were still mostly green still. Its amazing to me how many different ways nature presents itself from season to season and even from year to year.

A bad thing about the weather getting cold will be that I'll start having to wear socks with my flip flops at some point.... and long pants. Ilibav!

booklogged said...

Bellezza, thank-you for the compliment. Yes, we'll just keep our face to the sun and hope we touch someone in some little way.

I don't know Myke, you are still spending a lot of time outside. I do notice that you sleep indoors!

Reverywings, ilabav! for sure. Did you ever find No Idea?

Susan Abraham said...

That little quote about Myke was comical to read.
The knowing understanding of a loving wife prevails.

What gorgeous summers you enjoy, Booklogged. And beautiful blessings, overall. As always, your eyes study their visions of inate gifts very well.
love always.