Thursday, August 31, 2006

Week #10 Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Love About My House (As It Is)

1. It's location in a small town in Utah. I may like it better if it were in a small town in Oregon or Washington. (Whoops! This was all going to be positive and I've messed up on the first item.)
2. It's location near schools, work, fast food, park, and grankids.
3. The backyard. It's little, but green with plenty of shade and a hammock. Plus hubby keeps it looking good. And it's a pleasant place for get togethers.
4. It's made of brick.
5. The family room since we've remodeled it. Used to be dark paneling, with small basement windows and ghastly red shag carpet. Hubby used a diamond-edge saw to cut the cement and make bigger windows. What a difference. Plus we added a shelf, new light-colored carpet and painted the walls a soft apricot and the wainscoting of bead board white. The inside of the cupboards are periwinkle which adds a bit of whimsy.
6. Big laundry room.
7. Good sized pantry.
8. Good-sized kitchen with lots of cupboard and counter space.
9. Four bedrooms.
10. Nice floorplan. I really like the layout.
11. Masterbath. Even though it's small, it's there and provides some privacy for the king and queen.
12. It's location, again. We're not on a busy street and so the traffic is minimal. Although on the 4th of July it provides a great parking place for people who want to view the fireworks at the park.
13. Well-built. We personally knew the builder and his work. He did a great job. Many of the new homes today are not built as well as this one.


Ben said...

Here's the list of my favorite things I can think of about your house. I'm not sure I can get to 13 off the top of my head, though.

1) The laundry room. Specifically, I like it because I remember the turtles you used to have back there.
2) Location. It's close to the pancake park.
3) Kitchen/Dining Room. Great for card games and sitting around chatting. You'd think the living room was better for chatting, but I don't think I've ever been involved in a real conversation there.
4) The little walkway from the carport to the backyard. I like claustrophobic places that open up into bigger open places.
5) The backyard and back porch. Great place for hanging out, eating, and I always remember sitting on the trampoline watching shooting stars and the weird strap-your-ankles-in-and-hang-upside-down thing you used to have back there.

Cassie said...

I'm going to copy Ben and say my favorite things about your house.

1. The best place to have barbeques with homemade rootbeer.
2. Your piano, that you let me play on whenever I want.
3. The trampoline (which I was sad to see has made it into someone else's backyard) with good times of water balloon popping and sleeping on it.
4. Location: right next to the park and central to all family members.
5. All the great memories that I have from there.

Framed said...

My favorite things:
1. Nertz in the dining room
2. Root beer in the back yard
3. Memories of picking my kids up there after school. Thanks for letting them come over.
4. A great place to leave my car when I have business our of town
5. Great place to watch the fireworks from.
6. Great family that lives there.
7. What if...then game in the living room.
8. Scrapbooking in the basement.
9. The finger post
10. The great family who lives behind you.

booklogged said...

Ahhhh, you guys! Thanks for those sweet lists!

Alyson said...

Ooh,ooh,ooh, my turn!

1. The family room where I like to sit and talk to you while your on the computer, or watch tv/play nintendo with Katie.
2. The kitchen when everyone is pitching in to prepare a meal.
3. The dining room for the great games we play there.
4. The downstairs bedroom. I didn't get that as my room this time I lived at home, but it was always my favorite bedroom.
5. Dad's study because it's so eclectic and interesting.
6. Your computer desk because it's more comfortable than dad's.
7. The backyard for so many reason. (i.e. family get togethers, hammock, fresh veggies, beautifully well kept)
8. The gate in the back fence that leads to the house behind yours.
9. The fingerpost (even though I'm not on it anymore)
10. The closeness to the park and central part of town.
11. The central location to family.
12. The beautiful way you've decorated it.
13. It's my home even when I'm not living there. Afterall, I spent 14 out of 18 years growing up in that house.
14. The wonderful people who live there! Love you guys!

Library Mama said...

Oh - I want to get to know your house. It sounds fabulous!

Ummmm - what is a fingerpost?

booklogged said...

I've learned something from your comments that a house is so much more than the bricks and mortar that make it. You all have looked past the unfinished projects, the ordinariness of my home and see the important things. Thank-you.

L. Mama, my house is really very ordinary, but it is the getting to know it and the people that frequent it that makes it special. About the fingerpost, I have a couple of pictures of ours at the following site:
There are several new 'pointers' since this picture was taken. Maybe I'll post some newer ones soon.

Bellezza said...

It's so nice to read about what a person LIKES about their house; so often one hears the list of complaints or wants. "I want it re-decorated...bigger...cleaner..." It's a great gift to be content with what we have. (I, too, love our house: a little 1961 bi-level which looks onto a river.) We are blessed.

booklogged said...

Bellezza, my TT for last week was what I wanted fixed about my house. This last Thursday I was feeling pretty discouraged (and overwhelmed) about my house, so I mentally shook myself and said, "Self, you better start looking around at what's good." And it turned out to be a very good thing. It gave me a shot in the arm and I'm doing little things each day to make it look and feel nicer.

ReveryWings said...

13 things I like about your house.... (order

1. a Candleman cooked hamburger plane.
2. another hamburger cooked the same also plane.
3. that squash caserole you make (along with most anything else you make - some even if they do have mushrooms cause the non-mushroom parts are so good the mushroom parts have little impact)
4. home made rootbear

okay okay... its not all just food stuff although I really do like those there.

More serious now.

Love your backyard and the get togethers there. They are very special to us. There is a feeling there that is because of who you all are that we love.

4th of July get together at your house is one of my favorite things in the whole year. (Incidently, for me it is the most notable year marker in how time flies.)

Like Alyson, I do indeed love the study and all the interesting ecletic things there and especially for all the interesting things the owner of those things always has to share about such things and such experiences and insights about those all.

Haven't spent a great deal of time in the beautiful for sure family room. But my favorite things there are the nice comfy sofas and recliners. There comfiness to me is not because WCWILLYsorta people made them that way. Its cause of everyone sitting in the other ones that make me feel so comfy there. Those are always special moments to me.

You indeed have a very nice house and yard and I really like it most of the time. But I gotta tell ya I don't like it much when I go there and find no-one home. Thats always a bummer for me. Verona and I do love your whole family very much and cherish that we have each and every one of you in our lives.

I probably went over 13. But there is one more thing that I have to mention about your whole house/home thing you got going there. Its the lodqfk!

booklogged said...

Gee, Reverywings, such nice things to say. Thank-you. It really isn't about the things, but the moments, the times spent together. I feel so much better about my house than I did a week ago. Some of it is taking the time to lood for the good and some came from all the nice remarks you all responded with.

I agree, lodqfk, sums it up! Teehee!