Thursday, August 24, 2006

Week #9 Thursday Thirteen

13 Home Repairs/Fixups I'd Like For My House

1. Bigger dining room
2. New cabinets in the kitchen
3. New countertops to go with the new cabinets in the kitchen
4. New carpet in the master bedroom
5. New windows throughout the house
6. Sprinkler system
7. Fresh coat of paint in the living room
8. Sewer pipe replaced
9. Carpet in the living room and hall
10. New blinds and/or curtains on all upstairs windows
11. New tile in downstairs bathroom
12. New flooring in the laundry room
13. New interior doors


Alyson said...

I never knew you wanted a sprinkler system. You must have been down here writing this post when you realized you needed to move the sprinkler. :)

Cardine said...

I'd just like a house. I don't want to fix it up after I get it, though. I just want a perfect house.

Framed said...

Book, I think you need a new job.
Cardine, I want a perfect house too. But to get it, I need the perfect job in the perfect town. I'm learning to live with disappointment.

booklogged said...

framed, how 'bout the perfect rich husband?!

Framed said...

Yeah, Book, that would probably be easier.