Thursday, July 27, 2006

Week #5 Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Daily Rituals
(Summertime - Not during the school year)
1. First thing out of bed in the mornings I put on my glasses and head to the bathroom. The glasses are so that I can see what I'm reading. There's always reading material in a little flat basket behind the bathroom door.
2. I soak my hair, put in a little mouse, fluff it around and am set to go. (sometimes I use a curling iron on it.
3. After washing my face I put on Avon's ANEW ULTIMATE Day Transforming Lift Cream for women over 45. Love it and I'm almost out. Time to buy more.
4. Brush teeth and get dressed.
5. This is embarrasing to report because it's an unhealthy ritual, but it is indeed a daily ritual. Between 10:30 and 11:30 I head to McDonald's and order a 3-pc chicken select meal with apple dippers instead of fries and a large diet coke.
6. Since I usually have a wait at McDonald's I take my book to read during the wait.
7. I eat lunch in front of the computer checking blogs; sometimes playing Zuma or Pat Sajack's Lucky Letters.
8. Either in the afternoon or in the evening I sit down for an hour of reading with a bowl of popcorn. (sometimes it's fat-free)
9. I'm not doing this very regularly anymore, but I for years I've read a daily essay from Sarah van Breathnach's Simple Abundance.
10. A daily ritual that I want to reimplement into my life is reading the scriptures.
11. Another ritual I would like to perform daily is to prepare my family a nutritious and delicious dinner.
12. Of course, there's the nightly ritual in the bathroom - daily ablutions.
13. And finally, you've heard this one before, I thank the Lord for a bed and a soft pillow.


Crayonsetc said...

A little insight into your day!

Happy TT!!

MysteriousLady said...

I loved simple abundance! awesome book.

Happy Thursday!

Kailani said...

Sounds like you have everything pretty much planned out. You go to Micky D's every day? My daughter would love you as her Mommy! Happy T13!

Something's Missing said...

I am a total creature of habit myself!

My My Thursday Thirteen is up!

Happy Thursday!

"D" said...

My list today is sort of similar, but not such detail *grin! Happy 13 - see you around!

Raggedy said...

great list! My TT is up

armywife said...

i do many of those things too (different items from mcd's though). as for dinnertime, check out there are great dinner ideas but its the already made out grocery list that they give you that's the real life saver for me.

i've posted 13 too on my new blog

Carmen said...

I've been reading every evening this summer, I enjoy it. :)

Southern Girl said...

Sounds like a great sort of day to me. And I'm another Zuma player. At least I was until I beat it -- finally!

My TT is up:

dawn said...

You get more accomplished than I do. Of course it might work out better if I didnt sleep till noon

Just Expressing Myself said...

I am definitely trying that cream.
I like Chicken Selects too :)

Stacy said...

Wonderful list, I always like a little peek into other people's life and rituals :) I'll have to try that creme sometime. And reading your T13 reminds that I haven't played Zuma in a while, I love that game! :)

Have a wonderful day, my T13 is up too...


Amen I say to your #13.
My T13 is up finally and hope am not too late.

Lindsey said...

Sounds like you've got a good routine going - wish I could be a little more routine sometimes!

Happy TT!

Christina said...

Very nice. For a while there I had a (kind of unhealthy) routine of getting an Einstein's cheese bagel with cream cheese and a large Diet Coke pretty much every day. And I have the Simple Abundance book as well. It has some very inspiring material but I haven't read it in a while.

Gail said...

Good routine, I love to read as well.

FrogTracks said...

I wonder how the little mouse likes it in your hair...just giving ya a hard time. love ya

Framed said...

I was going to ask what the little mouse's name is.

booklogged said...

Ohhhhh, I get it. I couldn't figure out what little mouse frog and framed were talking about. Went back over my post and see that I misspelled mousse. I think naming it would still be cute.
Tee hee, snort, giggle!