Saturday, July 29, 2006

Five Things

I thought this looked like a fun list.

Five things....
in my fridge: raspberry jam from Brigham City; fresh baby red potatoes, also from Brigham City fruit stand; Soy milk; several types of cheese; and, I am sure, several science projects in the back.
in my closet: shoes, clothes, a gunnesax dress that I made for my daughter over 20 yrs ago (similar to the picture in a size 4), a winter bathrobe, a Sorry game.
in my handbag: gum; my 'to-be-read book list; fingernail clippers; store receipts; and, I hope, my debit card.
in my car: 2 sports bags containing emergency items; a sweatshirt; an open bag of cookies -- Myke?!; The Opposite of Fate book on CD; cell phone charger.
Five people I am tagging...I don't know what that means -- so I guess nobody, although I hope bloggers I know will do this.


Library Mama said...

This does look like fun. Do you mind if I use it?

Good luck with those science projects in the fridge! ;-)

booklogged said...

l.m. you are welcome to use it. I borrowed it from another site, myself.

Susan Abraham said...

That's a very light handbag, Booklogged and a tempting fridge...raspberry jam bit!