Thursday, July 20, 2006

Week #4 Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Am Grateful For (My Gratitude Journal and TT combined)

1. My husband, who is kind, thoughtful, intelligent, funny, patient, hard working, and a great father.
2. My children. All 4 of my daughters are fine examples of womanhood and live good lifes. This makes me happy. The term 'my children' also includes a son-in-law who is so good to our family and so good for our family. You always hope your children will marry someone perfect for them. John is that.
3. My grandchildren. Oh, my gosh, what cute, adorable, smart kids they are! I only have two: Jeff and Megan, but they fill my life with great joy. And best of all they live in the house right behind ours.
4. My parents. With every day that passes I appreciate them just that much more. They taught me independence, a love of learning, a desire to be a good person (daughter, wife, mother, citizen). Both my mother and father set a good example for me to follow.
5. My brothers and sisters. There are seven of us children (which is quite a blessing) and we enjoy each other even though some of us are getting very old. In fact, we probably enjoy each other more than when we lived together. Funny how that works.
6. Grandparents. I was the first grand-daughter on my mother's side and was I ever spoiled, especially by my Grandpa Noble. It was delightful to feel unconditional love from them. From them I learned that every grandchild should be spoiled and loved by their grandparents, occasionally disciplining, always teaching, but given that comfortable love that is hard for a parent to give. You know, parents feel such responsibility for raising their kids, it's sometimes hard to relax and enjoy them.
7. Aunts and Uncles. I wonder if these people have any idea the impact they have had on my life. Always happy to see me and interested in my life they add immeasurably to the quality of life I enjoy.
8. Cousins. My dad served in the army so we didn't get to live around my grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins like so many did. I wouldn't want to give up the life I had but I was always a little jealous that the others shared that special bond brought on with familiarity. What awesome people my cousins are.
9. Nieces and nephews. You know, those troublesome little kids who, along with my own, had to gather around us, their parents, while we tried to relax and play games to ease the tension of being parents. Now those same kids have grown into wonderful adults who are so fun to be with and to play games with. I love that a few of them have blogs that help me to know them even better.
10. I am grateful for my freedoms. I am grateful that God loves me so that he will not take away my free agency even when what I choose to do will cause suffering. I am grateful I live in a country that allows so many freedoms. I'm free to live with my family, to travel, to worship how I will, to vote and to say what I truly feel about my government, to read and study what I want, to attend college, to fail, to start over again, to own property, etc. etc. etc. (I better end or this post will be "The Never-Ending Post".
11. I appreciate the teachings of my church. It is comforting to know with that assurance that is hard to describe, that assurance that comes of direct revelation, that my family will be together in the hereafter. All those groups of people I listed in this post, I will see individually in our next life. Such comfort. I am thankful that I am taught about the nature of My Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ, that they are actual personages that truly care and love me. And that with this life as a learning ground and what I will learn in the next I can become like them and feel their fullness of joy. I am thankful for prayer, forgiveness and the mercy provided by our Savior that broken things can be made whole. Again I'm going to stop myself. I think I could talk forever about the spiritual blessings I enjoy.
12. I appreciate the worldly comforts that I enjoy. I'm afraid I enjoy them in excess and need to mend my ways somewhat. I love crawling into a comfortable bed at night and putting my weary head down on a soft, billowing pillow. I love the bounties of nature. The beauties it affords and the harvest it provides. I am grateful for the fresh blackberries, big and juicy, that I just ate. I love having a nice home with a lovely yard. Plenty of food. A computer. A vacuum, etc. etc. etc. Again I stop short! (Rather - shorter than it could be)
13. I am grateful for the availability of knowledge. I marvel at what science has learned and what things we are able to accomplish because of it. I enjoy being involved in the 'quest' of science to know and understand the workings of the natural world. My personal philosophy is that science is trying to discover the natural laws of the universe, those laws that God already knows and lives by. How fabulous to have both science and religion to teach us truths. (I realize that sometimes science is limited in its methods for discovering truth and that many times religions tell us lies; some lies are intentional and others are unintentional traditions that have been handed down through the ages. I guess that's where modern day revelation is so important - to teach us those traditions that are false and those that are true and thus helpful.)
How wonderful is it that we can look around our homes and find books! Or with ease we can purchase or check them out. When else in history has that been so? And we are able to read, we've been taught!


Tracie said...

What a great is refreshing to see someone being thankful on their TT instead of complaining all the time.

Mine is up!

Barbara said...

Great list! I love thankful lists!

Check out my TT Memories

Raggedy said...

Great list...very touching..
My TT is up

FrogTracks said...
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FrogTracks said...

Wow! 9 of 13 are centered around family! It shows how great families really are and your post helped me to realize just how thankful that I am for family.

Cardine said...

Yeah, those were all really good. I am also thankful for family.

J-Dawg's Realm said...

I love the list :) Thank you so much for visiting my site. I had no idea until TNChick told me I was selected as the Newbie of the week LOL -- in regards to your comment on my blog, by all means, feel free to use my list that I did this week. I dont mind at all! I just thought I would start simple, and it worked! Have a wonderful week. It looks like I have alot of reading to do.


Alyson said...

It's great to read what someone is thankful for. It always makes me think about the things I am thankful for (one of which is you), and I need to do that more often. Plus, you write your thoughts very eloquently; I really enjoy reading the descriptions you use.

Chanda said...

Gratitude Journals are very important!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Happy TT!

booklogged said...

Sure enjoyed everyone's comments and thank-you for visiting. I was only going to put family down for one number, but that would have been a very long #1 entry, so broke it down to 9 items. Attended my nephews funeral today and realize more than ever how great family really is.

Aly, thanks for the sweet words. You've always been my favorite out of all 9 entries! (of course you know that all my daughters are my favorite, right?)

Merle said...

Hello Booklogged ~~ Thanks for your comments, and I am pleased you are using the little Faith Poem - it looks good. This is an awesome post -- you have written so well of your thankfuls or Gratefuls. I am sorry about your nephew.Too young to die. How is Mom coming? She has so many things to write about. Like when she was growing up, and stories of her parents, siblings and her family. They need not be long or often. My brother started me and I thought ??? But now I love it
and it is a great hobby and meeting
these nice people who become our friends. COME ON MOM. Hugs, Merle.