Saturday, May 26, 2007

"8 Things" Meme

I've been so slow in responding to this meme. No real good excuse, either. Just been in a bit of a slump lately.

Eight Things About Me
1. I'm an Army brat. My family moved a lot when I was growing up. I hated it, because I would just make friends and then we'd move. The longest place we lived was in Lincoln, Nebraska (6 years). The next longest was St. John's, Newfoundland (3 years).

2. Now that I'm grown up(?), I love to travel. My husband and I do really well together on car trips. We also do well hanging wallpaper.

3. I didn't do so well when it came to spacing the births of my four daughters. I wanted children as soon as I got married. For several years I couldn't get pregnant. Then, in less than 3 years, my first 3 daughters were born. Eleven years later our 4
th daughter arrived when I was 39 years old.

4. I graduated from college when I was 43 years old with a biology major and a chemistry minor and a secondary teaching certificate.

5. I married my husband 2 days before my 22
nd birthday on Dec. 28, 1972. That means that Christmas, my anniversary and my birthday all take place within a 5 day period. We've been married 35 1/2 years.

5. I would like to move to the Northwest USA when my husband retires, but my children and grandchildren are in Utah, so we'll be staying put.

6. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I was the third child and first girl.

7. It's become a tradition to have a big 4
th of July party at our house every year. All my family and my husband's family who live close by are invited. Everyone brings a pot luck dish. We barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs and I make 2 5-gal containers of home-made root beer. When it gets dark we haul the chairs to the front lawn where we watch the fireworks that are shot off in the nearby park. It's always great fun. This year we will miss that because we're leaving on our trip July 2. My youngest daughter is not happy, but I told her they ought to go ahead with the tradition. Hope they will. Hubby and I will be in Ashland, Wisconsin watching the fireworks on Lake Superior.

8. I was the first granddaughter in my mother's family and my grandpa spoiled me rotten. I loved it and loved him. He bought me my first hula hoop and took me in his old beat-up pickup truck to a drive in movie. I remember standing on the seat next to him mesmerized by Debbie Reynolds singing "Tammy's in Love" in the 1957 movie, Tammy and the Bachelor. I was 6. My grandpa died when I was 10 or 11, but he told Grandma to give me the big bible they'd bought from a traveling salesman years before. I used to sit and look through it by the hour.


Bookfool said...

Thanks for doing this meme, Booklogged!! It's so fun to read.

I thought it was funny that the place you lived longest as an army brat was Lincoln, NE - home of Les and my father's hometown. :)

Boy, do I remember the days of driving without air conditioning. It was miserable! Must have been ten times as hard with so many siblings crammed together. I just have one sibling and hardly any other family, now (none within 500 miles). It sucks. I envy your big family 4th of July gatherings. Sounds like you're going to have a nice vacation, even though you'll miss this 4th.

My two children are 7 years apart and I didn't so much plan that as get myself talked into the second.

Melissa said...

Thanks for doing this. Fireworks on Lake Superior does sound lovely.

I, too, am the oldest granddaughter, but it was my grandma that spoiled me (still does). And I agree: the desert in the summertime is a real headache. (literally, for me). :)

Framed said...

I remember our dad pulling over on the side of the road to spend the night when we were traveling. Times have sure changed.

Bellezza said...

How wonderful to have FOUR children! I come from a small family, and I only have one son myself, but I think it must be lovely to have four children (even if the planning was not quite what you wished).

Did you know Les in Nebraska? :) It would be a challenge to have moved so much.

I enjoyed reading your answers.

Stephanie said...

I love this meme. It's nice to get to know people a little bit better! I have a brother 12 years younger than me. He is absolutely the best too!! I never thought we'd be close. I was a senior in high school when he started kindergarten. But he and I talk all the time now!

Anonymous said...

It is so much fun to read these memes! Thanks for sharing your answers :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing about yourself!

Lotus Reads said...

Booklogged, I absolutely enjoyed reading your meme! I hadn't realized you have lived in Canada old were you when you lived here?

You have a big family...having come from a small family myself, I really envy you!

Your family is really going to miss you on the fourth of July this year!!!

hellomelissa said...

i'm so glad to learn this much about you!

first... you guys rock for being married 35 1/2 years.

second... homemade rootbeer? can i come??