Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Love Seasons

Okay, I don't love all the seasons equally.  I don't care for the cold of winter but I will put up with it so I can have Spring, Summer, and Fall.  The change of seasons provides setting aside some things and reacquainting myself with the sights, sounds, tastes, and feelings of bygone seasons.

Today was cold in my neck of the woods so I thought a bowl of soup would be welcome for dinner.  I made up a batch of Taco Soup.  The smell and anticipation were divine.  The first bite of an old favorite was warm, comforting, and delicious.  I commented to Candleman that if we lived in Hawaii we would probably never want to eat Taco Soup or any of my other favorite Autumn and Winter foods.  Meatloaf, baked potatoes, acorn squash, and apple crisp make up another fall/winter favorite meal.  I would never be in the mood for that dinner in the heat of summer.  Would love to hear about some of your favorite seasonal foods.  Leave me a comment.

Another cold weather activity that I couldn't enjoy on warmer days is quilting.  I am watching the season premier of Person of Interest and sewing the binding on a quilt.  Feels good on a cold night.  Something else to look forward to in Fall is the return of some of my favorite shows - Amazing Race, Blue Bloods, Chicago Fire, The Voice, Elementary, Castle, Hawaii Five-O, Parenthood, Last Man Standing, The Middle, and Modern Family.  This season I'll be giving some new shows a chance - the one with Michael J. Fox, Blacklist, Hostages, and the one with Robin Williams all look good.  Which of your favorite shows are returning?  Which one(s) are your favorites?  One that I am still missing from a couple of years ago is Good Guys.  Loved that show.

And then there are the holidays that go with each season.  The 4th of July wouldn't be too fabulous in the winter but it's great in the summer.  We always host a large family barbeque because our house is close to the park where they set off the fireworks.  Members of both Candleman's and my families come and bring  potluck dishes.  We provide the burgers and homemade root beer.  My grandkids look forward to the root beer as much as the fireworks.  If they had their way we would have root beer more than just once a year.  Would potato salad taste as yummy in the winter?  Perhaps, but it's such a great summertime food.

There are so many things to look forward to with each season change but there are a few things that are perfect year round - reading, doing genealogy, diet coke, family, friends.  What am I leaving out?

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julie said...

I agree with you; I don't care for the cold of winter but there are things about that season that I love. I, too, love a bowl of good soup on a cold day. And, I love hot chocolate. Mmmm. There's also something so comforting about cuddling up in a warm quilt while reading or watching a movie when it's cold outside. And, I love watching the snow fall - it's so beautiful and peaceful.

Thanks for helping me think of positives about the upcoming cold season. I've been mourning the end o Summer lately, and it's good for me to remember the good things about Fall and Winter.