Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Granddaughter's First Sewing Project

We gave our granddaughter a sewing machine on her birthday.  She practiced for several days and then bought a pj pattern with some of her birthday money and some cute Halloween fabric and whipped up her first pair of pjs in no time at all.  Her mother and I helped with measuring and pinning the waist and hemlines but she did the rest.  Her seams look terrific!  She has fabric for another pair of pajamas that her mom will help her cut out and then she'll be set for a year or with pajamas.  What we she make next?  I'm thinking a cute pillowcase would be a fun idea.  

In the first picture you can see our shared sewing table and the quilt I'm adding borders to.  I was hoping more of it would show to help document which quilt I was working on while Little Miss sewed her pjs.  The quilt is a scrap Jacob's Ladder variation with red scrap pinwheels interspersed throughout.

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slr Creative said...

Thats fantastic! You are clearly proud and rightfully so. Thanks for sharing that.

BTW... your blog looks great. I might come to you for some pointers if I ever get the time to actually work on mine.

I should probably check the E-course on blogging I just saw on your page.