Monday, October 17, 2011

Ghost Quilt Wall Hanging

I pieced the top of this wall hanging back in the early 1980s.  Oh my heck, that makes me feel old just saying that!  I think I had only made one other pieced quilt before this - it was also a wall hanging and a log cabin, but it was watermelons.  Maybe I'll post it sometime.

Back to this cute little ghost.  It's made of over 80 little log cabin blocks.  I know.  Crazy, huh?  I don't think I'd ever have the nerve to give it a try today.  It scares the bejebbers right out of me to think about it.  It measures 18x24" without the borders.

I've had it folded up and tucked away in a closet, then a box because I've moved a couple times in the last 31 years, but I got it out last September with the intention of hand quilting it.  (Okay, I accidentally discovered it and then had the intention to quilt it.)  My sister and sister-in-law had been talking about their experiences with machine quilting - another idea that fills me with terror.  They both seemed positive about their experiences and so I thought about it.  It took me 10 months of brewing the idea before I decided to start practicing.  Eventually I felt ready and started free motion quilting the ghost.

I couldn't believe how fast it went.  Just 5 minutes and I had nearly half the ghost finished but I was so tense I had to take a break.  There was a video that I watched on how to machine quilt and the gal said, "Relax your shoulders.  If you don't, it will show in your work."  Boy, did she have that right!  I think I tensed my whole body and didn't even take a breath whenever I quilted on that poor little ghost.  The night I finished the ghost I went to bed so downhearted.  I had decided to throw him away and was just sick about it because he so darn cute before I started quilting him.

My sweet little granddaughter pleaded with me to not throw him away.  She wanted him.  With her encouragement I persevered.  I actually thought the ghost looked pretty cute the next day but then I started on the sky.  Ruined!  I hid it for a few days.  When I got it back out I decide it wasn't too bad so I kept going.  Eventually I finished and I think, all in all, it looks okay but if I'm going to be passing on to my granddaughter I will need to sew something on the back to keep it from being seen.

I do NOT think I will be attempting to free motion quilt on a larger quilt.  I was hoping this experience would lead me to that next, bigger step.  It did not.  I will be tying, hand quilting, or paying to have my bigger quilts done.  Hats of to you quilters who do such beautiful work.  I am in awe of you!


It's all about Family! said...

Cheya, it is so cute. I am so glad you didn't throw it away. Melanie does that kind of quilting. I've always wondered where she got her bravery! You did good!!!!

alisonwonderland said...

I agree that it's very cute!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that you only mention the agony of quilting this PSYCHOSIS INDUCING work of art! I did this quilt "way back when", also. Each year, I attempt to deplay it in the Labor & Delivery department where I work. I am ALWAYS amazed that I ATTEMPTED this project, not to mention FINISH! I wimped out & chose to quilt by "stitching in the ditch". They year, I let myself get distracted (aka: forgot) & did not bring it into work. A doctor actually NOTICED and asked me for the pattern. Course, I can't seem to remember to dig for it, so I've been surfing the net to attempt to find it out here. SOOOO great to stumble across your blog with a picture of our adorable Ghost, Kitty, Pumpkin, & Spider wallhanging! Thanks for the fun story, also! Enjoy the upcoming holidays and, no matter where you are, roll your shoulders & release any tension, anytime :-D
G.R., MI

Melinda said...

Do you have the pattern for this wallhanging? So cute!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Three years later and this post is being highlighted at my Tuesday Archives Ghost theme!!! Seriously what amazing work and what an adorable quilt finish!! So where is the quilt now...stop by and check out our linky! With smiles! Val:)