Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Map

I posted this map a year ago on A Reader's Journal, but it's relevant again. Did you get that - it's relevant! Hot diggity dog diggity! We're taking a trip this summer! I'm so excited in case you couldn't tell. My husband called an hour or so ago and told me he will be able to retire earlier than he originally thought and asked me if I would like to take a month and go on a trip. A month! I said I thought 2 weeks was plenty. After two weeks I'm usually ready to be home. Of course, if he's retired and I don't have to teach until the last week of Aug, we could be flexible. Flexible, that's good.
Of course, my first thoughts were of the Northwest. I love Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Then I thought of New York City. I pulled out the atlas and started looking at Central Park, Manhattan; thinking about seeing a couple plays. Then my daughter asked if we would be driving and I thought about 'my map'. If we drove we could get some of those white northern states. We really enjoy road trips so that could be a fun possibility.

DH has always wanted to visit northern Michigan ( Sault Ste. Marie). I would love, love, love to go there. The question is where to from there? I'd like to see Toronto, Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Maybe we need 2 months and a million dollars!

The main thing is I wanted to let you know that M is retiring this summer and we're taking a vacation. Maybe a cruise? My mind won't be still. oh, but it is almost as much fun thinking and planning as making the trip. I did say, ALMOST.


Alyson said...

How exciting! I'm glad to hear that your trip dry spell is over. Are you sure you don't need some more company?

Cassie said...

That sounds like so much fun. I can't wait until my next trip.

hellomelissa said...

i'll be in michigan this summer. come visit me! :) the lake michigan coastline is lovely.

where to go? what to do?? the possibilities are endless.

Debi said... exciting! Oh, how I love a good road trip! Have fun dreaming and planning!

julie said...

Yeah!! I'm so happy and excited for you! I'm also envious of how many states you have visited. Quebec???? Did you say Quebec??? I think you'll need a translator. EH??? Did you know I speak french? In fact, did you know I speak (sort of) quebecois??? Hmm. Interesting ideas come to mind. EH??

Just kidding. As much as I DREAM about going back to Quebec (next year, right, Cassie???), you and M will have a blast by yourselves; able to be flexible, able to take as much/little time as you want. Sounds fantastic!

Let us know when you have a destination picked!!

raidergirl3 said...

It must be so tempting to fill in that map - a stright line along the northern states. Bam! And what is that poor lonely state on the bottom being ignored?
Have a great time planning.

alisonwonderland said...

so exciting! keep us posted on the planning! :o)