Wednesday, May 02, 2007

An Interview with Me

Alison from "We're all mad here," said the Cheshire Cat to Alice asked me these questions and I'm finally getting this interview posted. It was fun to do.

1. Have many books do you read a year (on average)?
Even though I have recorded and reviewed every book I've read in the past 4 years I've never added them up at the end of the year. I'll estimate between 45 - 60.

2. If you could travel back through time and view any moment, what would it be? And why?
Wow, Alison this is a power-punch question. I would like to be witness any time people have been granted their freedom, when they have overthrown an oppressive rule, or when hope has been realized and freedom experienced. How can I pick just one? The more I think about this, I can't pick just one event. I guess the thing for me to do is keep my eyes and heart open for everyday victories, when people repent of sins, or behave with integrity, when they say or do what's hard but what will bring freedom, when someone breaks a bad habit, tells the truth . . . It's all about freedom, isn't it?

3. Who do you want to win TAR: All-Stars, and who is your all-time favorite TAR team?
I feel so silly! It took me the longest time to figure out what TAR meant. The Amazing Race - Duh! Who do I want to win for this season (the All-Stars)? I was hoping the coal miners would do better than they did. I was sad when Joyce & Euchina and Rob & Amber were eliminated. The race went downhill fast. If not for the beauty queens, I would have stopped watching. Now that there is only one more race and only 3 teams I am definitely cheering for the beauty queens.

My all-time favorite team? Well, I've only been watching for 3 1/2 seasons, so I'll choose from those only. I think Joyce and Euchina who won the million one or two seasons ago are my favorites.

4. What is something you like about living in Utah, and what is something you don't like?
I like the clear, blue skies and being able to see the stars in the night sky. When we lived in San Diego, I never saw the stars because of cloud cover or too much light from the city. I also like being relatively close to most of my family.

I don't like the dry, desert-y areas.

5. I know you attended a science convention in Florida once, but I don't know anything else about your science vocation/avocation. Can you fill me in a bit?
I went back to college with four children and a husband at home helping me through. I intended to major in Elementary Ed, but every semester I wanted to take all these science classes that I didn't need. So I changed to Secondary Ed with a Biology Composite major and a Chemistry minor. I graduated in 1994 at 43 years old. I was hired at my only local high school that summer. That was quite an unexpected surprise because high school teachers settle in and don't move very often. So I was very lucky.

I taught 1 year at the high school then transferred to the alternative high school. I felt like that was my 'calling' in life to work with troubled teens. They rewarded the teachers with hugs and appreciative praise - it was unbelievable. Of course, it was also hard. I taught 8 different science classes and 1 study skills class. Sadly the alternative high school was closed 4 years ago, so I moved back to the regular high school where I taught only Biology. Last year I quit teaching full time. This year I teach two study skills classes for 'youth in custody'. My schedule is a killer! I teach for 3 hour every other school day. Am loving it.


Alyson said...

Interview me!! I want to see what questions you come up with...even though it may be hard because you already know so much about me. I think that will make it more fun! (I'm pretty sure you know my e-mail address)

alisonwonderland said...

thanks for playing along! i loved the chance to get to know you better!

fabulous answer for question #2!

i'm rooting for the beauty queens too - having the first all-female winner would be great!

Framed said...

Yes, interview Alyson.

I wouldn't be surprised if you read more than 60 books a year.

Brandy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :-)

amy said...

Wonderful questions and asnswers..Nice to get to know you a bit