Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ten Things I Love That Begin With the Letter "J"

Thanks to Lotus for reminding me of meme's that I've been tagged to do, but that I had let slip my mind. One of those memes was to list 10 things I love about the letter 'J'. Orange Blossom from The Library Ladder assigned me the letter J.

1. I love Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the talents he has given me. Even more, though, I am grateful for the sacrifice he provided that allows me to heal spiritually as well as physically. I can make mistakes and be forgiven. I can do something wrong over and over again, but I can learn to do it correctly and fix it. He has made this possible.

2. I love these people in my family whose names start with J: Jenny, John, Jeff, Julie, Jason, Jordan and Janna.

3. Jokes - the ones that are truly funny and don't hurt peoples' feelings. A good laugh is healthy.

4. Journals - My mother and my husband keep good journals. They are often helpful in identifying pictures and keeping track of important happenings. My book journal is pretty good order, buy my personal one is way out of date. Years ago I decided to keep a journal for each of my four daughters. In it I write letters to them, saying the things I don't get said to them face to face. Unfortunately, I haven't written in them since before 9/11. Maybe that will be my resolution for this year.

5. Journeys - I love to travel. I enjoy the planning almost as much as the trip itself. There are times when I'm talking to my mother on the phone and a place is mentioned that causes us to get our road atlases out. Before long we are planning trips over the phone line. I think that's funny, but it's really fun. I love the memories of the trips I've been on. A few of my favorite trip memories are the two we took to Disneyland, the 3 to the Northwest, the one to Boston and the one to Florida. The list of journeys I'd like to take is endless.

6. Several years ago we discovered jicama. It's a mexican vegetable that has white, crunchy meat. It looks like a big, brown radish and it sort of has a radish texture.

7. Johnny jump ups are cute little flowers that show up in my garden right when some of the other flowers are spent. They are related to pansies.

8. Juice - Among my favorite juices are carrot, grape, prickly pear, lemonade and apple. Orange juice gives me heartburn, unfortunately.

9. jpegs - What would we do without those cute little pictures that we can transfer from camera to computer to blogs? Gotta love 'em.

10. And since I'm from Utah, I have to mention jell-o!
My sister-in-law brings an extra suitcase from Virginia just to fill with her family's favorite, peach jello. One of the top selling pins from the 2002 Olympics is the bowl of green jello. Wikipedia has an article and map about the Jello Belt. More jello is sold in Utah than anywhere else in the world.

If you would like to do this meme, just let me know in the comments and I will assign you a letter.


Framed said...

Wonderful list. I love those "J" people as well.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

How fun!! I have to tell you that I assigned you J in honour of my Papa (who passed away on Christmas Eve). J is the first letter of his first name. I think he would have really enjoyed reading your J-loves. (Especially number one.) Thank you so much for posting this!!

Lotus Reads said...

Booklogged, this is such a great list of J's! The J favorites we have in common would include journeys, journals, juice (mmmmmm) and jpegs! I have never eaten jicama, but I don't mind trying and until just now I didn't know the daisy had a relative -Johnny Jump Ups - how very cute!

I'm trying to think of other J favorites and Japan, Java and Jaguar(both, the car and the animal) come to mind!

booklogged said...

Heather, thank-you for sharing why you assigned me J. I feel honored now.

Lotus, when I make my journey to Canada I'll have to bring some jicama and jello!