Saturday, January 27, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me - Meme

Okay, so I've been extremely slow at getting things done. The truth is Cereal Girl tagged me 2 or 3 months ago for this meme and I'm just barely getting it done. Hope this is not going to be indicative of how my whole year goes.

I'm really a very ordinary person with nothing unusual about me at all! Just kidding. My whole family is quite idiosyncratic. Some things we share and others are our own unique weirdness.

1. I like whatever I'm spreading on my sandwich to go out to the edges. Peanut butter and jam - all the way to the edge. When I fist got married my husband would spread a large circle in the middle. That way he gets too much bread in those outer edge bits. Not good!

2. Similar to #1 but enough different to be worth mentioning: I like a sandwich to be put together in the right order. The other day I was taking dh to work. We stopped to get a breakfast sandwich on the way. I went to take a bite and had to turn it around and then around again. They had put the top bun on the bottom and vice versa. I said, "I don't know how to eat this!" He laughed and said, "It's going to be one of those days isn't it?" That's what I call real intimacy - when humor comes from the little crazy things we know about each other.

3. Okay, so this is another food item and still similar to the first two, but again it is its own deal. I like a tiny bit of mustard on a hamburger, hot dog, or meatloaf sandwich, BUT it cannot, let me stress, it cannot go right on the bread. If it does, the mustard soaks in and is too strong. First, goes the ketchup or miracle whip and then the tiny dab of mustard, which is then spread evenly around the bun or bread.

4. I need lots of sleep. I hate it! I need between 10-11 hours a night. That leaves so very little time to get all the stuff done I need to. Last night I slept 14 hours straight - no potty break, drink of water - just deep, deep sleep. I've always wanted to be a person who could get by on 4 hours, heck, I'd settle for 6. Just think how much more reading and blogging I could get done.

5. Another one that goes along with sleep. I went to a sleep study at the University of Utah years ago and was diagnosed with Delayed Sleep Onset Syndrome. That's pretty weird! If left on my own I will not go to sleep until 3, 4 or even 10 am the next day. Once I do fall asleep I will sleep soundly for the above mentioned 10-12 hours. Part of this syndrome includes twitchy legs. Sometimes the twitchy will keep me awake or wake me up, but it usually happens when I try to sleep at a normal bedtime and I'm not tired. I'll lay there for a while and sooner or later my legs will start twitching. So I get up.

6. This one has to do with sleep also. Due to the sleep problem, I have developed fibromyalgia. To help me get the sleep I need, so I don't hurt so badly, I take ambien every night, so I can sleep at the 'right' time and be able to hold down a 'normal' life. I don't know that I said all that correctly. I do not take the ambien for the fibromyalgia, I take it to go to sleep on time, which then helps me get enough sleep that the pain of fibromyalgia is not as bad. Wow! I haven't even got to what I was going to list for #6's weird item. Usually people take ambien and crawl right in bed. Sometimes I do, too, but sometimes I don't go right to sleep, so I get back up. If I have any conversations or do anything during this time, I usually have NO recall of it in the morning. I've read several chapters or even finished a book and the next day I pick up the book, thinking, "oh goody, I get to find out how this ends." No bookmark! Where's my bookmark. I have to go back and reread. So I don't usually read after ambien. My children and husband are always saying, "Don't you remember us talking about this last night?" They joke about my ambien moments.

Okay, this is definitely enough weirdness for now. It certainly makes life interesting to have these fun little, quirky items that set us apart. Gee, I only covered eating and sleeping - just think what I could have come up with if I'd branched out a little. Thank heaven my bowels are regular!! Funny, funny. ;~)


Alyson said...

I was thinking the same thing about how you only covered food and sleep.

Maybe I have that Delayed Sleep thing because I find it extremely hard to go to sleep before 1:00am; even when I have to wake up at 5:30 the next morning. Fortunately, I can make it on 4 or 5 hours of sleep for a couple of days (after that I'll probably crash for 14+ hrs).

I definitely got a few of these from you; like putting sandwiches together in a certain order and spreading toppings to the edge of the bread (and evenly spreading toppings). It drives me crazy at Subway when they put a huge pile of lettuce on one end of the bread and none on the other. Sometimes they move it around a bit, like they are evening it out, but it's still lopsided!!

You didn't even mention how you love to buy new office supplies...something else I picked up from you.

booklogged said...

When I first started writing this one, I thought I would never be able to think of so many weird things about myself. (Stop laughing! I know you are, so stop it!) Anyway, now I think I could write a book. There's office supplies, collecting frames, buying & looking at house plans when I have no intention of moving, planning trips I'm never going to take, and then there's the whole 'compulsive' issue. Oh, and bipolar. We could probably throw in something about being codependent. And there are all those addictions: McDonald's diet coke, mystic mints, mint balls, hard sugar balls, popcorn.

I really think they need to throw me in the looney bin, prepare my meals and let me do something harmless, like read. You'd come see me wouldn't you?

Lotus Reads said...

Booklogged, I loved reading this meme! I giggled at how particular you are about your sandwiches, especially the mustard, and I promise to do it just right if you visit me in Toronto, unless ofcourse we ditch the sandwiches and I'll cook you some nice Indian food instead! ;)

The Delayed Sleep Onset Syndrome made for interesting reading, but it must be such a pain when you have to get up for work the next morning. Sorry about the fibromyalgia...I don't know too much about this condition, but I am going to read up on it now. And lol@ the "ambien moments", but I'm glad it's helping regulate your sleep.

I think I should try a weird meme, never know what I might discover about myself! ;)

booklogged said...

Lotus, I had fun writing this. I'm glad you giggled when you read it. I did, too, while writing it. I really am just an ordinary person that has a few quirky things about me.

Framed said...

Did you notice that your first comment ending up being about food as well. You really are weird. I've always maintained that I'm the normal one in the family. Oooh, I just thought of something about me that could be classified as weird. Mmmmmm.

booklogged said...

Framed, you may be the most normal one in the family, but I'm not sure that's saying a lot!

Framed said...

You're right. We are all a bunch of originals. I've now forgotten what it was about me that was weird. Oh well, a lot can change in two days.

Cardine said...

I think I need that sleep study. I'm looking for justification for my need and ability to sleep 11 hours long without waking.

Framed said...

I would love to be able to sleep for 11 hours. What sublime decadence.

julie said...

I could have sworn I'd commented on this post, but I guess I didn't since there is a comment from me! Hmm.

Anyhoo, this is an interesting idea for a post! I share a couple of your "weird" traits - I HAVE to have things spread to the edges and can't imagine why anyone wouldn't! The mustard thing is true for me, too. I really like mustard, but it's too strong if it gets into the bread by itself.

Our family is certainly quirky, that's why I think we're so much fun!

julie said...

Like the new colors - especially the green striped border!

julie said...

Oh, on my first comment, I meant "isn't". Proofreading, it's an excellent thing. Sigh.

Belladonna said...

Ok - NOW I know who is getting the rest of my sleep. I've always wondered. I've been a chronic insomniac for years. Why else would I be up at 1:30 AM exploring stranger's blogs? I TRY to go to sleep. It just doesn't happen.

Maybe there is only so much sleep to go around in the world. you are getting LOTS so I just have bits and pieces left for me??

Or not. Anyway, if you ever wanna trade some tired for some wakeful, I'm willing to barter.