Thursday, August 10, 2006

Week #7 Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things on My Desk

1. Empty soup bowl left here by one of my daughters, who is the shower so I can't yell at her.
2. Lots of scrapbook stuff - straight edge cutter, box of pictures, eyelets, felt tip markers, etc.
3. CD player and CD case for Suit Francaise, an audion book which I'm listening to.
4. A turtle 'storyteller' art piece with little Native American children climbing all over him.
5. A box of Kleenex.
6. A glass of water on a sandstone coaster.
7. A stack of used books that I've ordered and entered on
8. A Jim Shore angel statue.
9. Off to the side is a pillow case with cute doodles that depict my daughter's inside jokes with her friends. K's been working on it today.
10. A telephone.
11. A few extra sweet and sour sauces from McDonald's for chicken selects. (They either forget to give you any or they give you three!)
12. Lamp
13. And of course, my computer.


Myke said...

It is a very charming, interesting, cozy place at which booklogged blogs and interacts with her world. Much more tasteful than my own.

Alyson said...

Yes, Myke is right that it's more comfortable than his desk. We all fight over who gets booklogged's computer when she's not on it. I'm looking forward to the near future when I'll have my own computer space to use; I'm very excited!!

P.S. A few extra sauces?!?!?