Thursday, February 20, 2014

Moda Quilt Olympics

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Several months ago I saw an amazing quilt on Pinterest.  I was so intrigued with the use of so many disparate fabric prints and styles and I loved it.  It was youthful, creative, and pleasing to look at.

When Moda unveiled its Quilt Olympics I at first thought I didn't have anything made or in process that would fit the requirements.   Then a picture of that fun quilt popped into my mind.  I wasn't sure I had the ability to select fabric and sew it together in such a clever way but I decided that it would be a challenge for sure.

I practiced and practiced.  Picked a wild fabric from my stash and held different fabrics next to it until I had 5 pieces I hoped would work.  There was some unpicking done removing some fabric and adding another one.  At times I wished I could have gone to the store and done some picking and choosing, but I live in a small town so I didn't have that option.  I had to use what I had on hand.

This is my Olympic quilt because I had to stretch to reach my goal and because I made it while watching the 2014 Sochi Olympics.   I think I achieved "Gold".   I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  Unfortunately, pictures don't do it justice.  It's brighter in real life.  The grey daisy border doesn't show up well in the pictures, either.

Here are a few close-ups of a few of the blocks that show the colors better.

Labyrinth Quilt Pattern - by Red Pepper Quilts

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