Sunday, July 15, 2012


I love my backyard but something was lacking - birdhouses.  Looked around our little town and found nothing but when we went to SLC to pick up our daughter Katie, who was flying in for the 4th from Las Vegas, we stopped at Michaels.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  There were so many things for so many different crafts.  It was crazy.  Crazy wonderful.

We found birdhouses ready to be painted.  A couple were $10 each, most were $5, and the little ones for the grandkids were only $1.  We bought several.  On July 3rd we prepped each birdhouse and some of them were painted from start to finish.  In this picture are my 2 grandchildren and my daughter Katie.  I didn't have enough newspaper on hand so we dug out an old, plastic tablecloth for our drop cloth.

Katie was chosen to paint the $10 birdhouse because she's very artistic.  And she's a sweetheart. She remembers me raving about the row houses we saw in the Canadian Maritime Provinces and so she went online to look at some pictures.  I told her they were called Jellybean houses in Newfoundland.  So now I have a birdhouse to remind me of those beautiful, cheerful, and colorful jellybean houses.  I'm tickled pink.

This birdhouse was put on our back, outside, brick wall were there is a hole in the brick for the dryer hose.  The dryer has been relocated but the hole could not relocate so we covered it up.  For over 20 years we had a southwest decoration there.  It was way past time to move on from that out dated decor.

Here's my new jellybean birdhouse hanging on my outdoor wall.  I love it!  So, so very cute.  Thanks, Katie.

BTW - I discovered that my iPad does NOT take the same quality pictures as my broken camera.  Will have to see about getting it fixed.


julie said...

What a darling birdhouse and how neat that it was painted by Katie! She is so creative. I love that you bought a bunch of birdhouses and I bet your backyard looks wonderful with them adding some color. I've always loved your backyard and you keep finding ways to add interesting bits to it.

Booklogged said...

Thanks, Julie. I have a few projects in mind but I need a strong, young man to help me with them. Our neighbors are moving and gave us a neat archway that was made by the previous owner of their home. It was never put to use and just leaned against the side of their house. Myke started digging a hole for the reinforcement/foundation thingy but he hasn't had much time this summer. It would also help to have more money than I could hire someone to help me.

How are you feeling by now? It was so good to see you and Steve and your nice home.