Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Polictical Lies

I'm not picking on one political party in this post because this kind of stuff happens on both sides of the party lines. This video is just the latest example that came to my attention. I received this video and these comments in my email today.
I have not fact check this, but do I really need to? Some where along the line this guy never learned that just because he wants it doesn't mean that it is right, constitutional, legal or good for this country. Some where he never learned to "play well with others". Temper, Temper!!! 
Bet you won't see this on network TV. Obama leaving a meeting with Congressional leaders after Cantor told the president that Republicans would not vote for his proposed tax hikes.
Obama picked up his toys and stormed out of the meeting, kicking the door open.  what a kick!   There, my friends is the leader of our country......Aren't you proud?
 ROFLMFAO!!!! Henceforth kicking in the door will be known as "oBAMing" the door!!!
Why do people pass this stuff along and believe it when it's not true?  I could tell the first time that I watched this that it had been doctored and, unlike the commenter above who did not check her facts, I decided to find out who was propagating this lie.  Lo, and behold, it was not intended as a lie but a joke.  It was first broadcast on the Jay Leno show as well as some other doctored videos poking fun at the President.

I did not vote for President Obama and I don't want to see him in office for another 4 years, BUT I am appalled that people in our nation are so gullible or spiteful to pass along items like this video as believable.  I have received emails that are much more subtle filled with half-truths and lies that I was still able to verify.  One was about Obama approving oil drilling off the coast of Brazil when he wouldn't even approve drilling in America that was costing lots of jobs.  Being from the west were so many make a living in the oil field, I was angry about this but with some searching I discovered it was not Obama, but Bush, who had approved that drilling.  There was still drilling going on in the U.S. at the time Bush approved the drilling in Brazil.  Some spin-doctor thought it made a better story to say it was during the Obama administration at the same time we were going through a recession and oil industry was hurting so badly.

I suspect that if we could just stick to the facts most American voters, both Democrat and Republican, would have plenty to shake their heads about without adding all these blatant lies and misconceptions.  Maybe our schools shouldn't focus on test scores as much as teaching critical thinking and how to detect the bullsh** that's bombarding us.

To read more about this video check out snopes.com.

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