Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Happenings

A couple of days ago my high school best friend called from Canada just to say Hello!  She does that every once in awhile and we always have a nice visit.  This time we talked about some of our favorite books and favorite authors.  Always a fun subject.  She provided me with some authors I haven't read before and am looking forward to.  In fact I've already got two books coming in the mail from bookmooch.

We may go years in between phone calls but we always pick up like it was just yesterday when we last talked.  Of course it's not; there are so many things that have happened in the last 40 years.  She married a Canadian and moved to Cardston where she has lived ever since.  I married a boy that we both knew but had never talked to in high school - he was a year older and our paths never crossed.  She has 5 grown children that I've never met and I have 4.  We were best friends for 6 years before out paths separated and yet those short 6 years were enough to allow us to build a bond that connected us for the next 40 years.  Amazing and wonderful!


Framed said...

That's how I feel about my old high school friends. Except we all live in the same town. But we can go quite a while without visiting. I'm interested to know what books you mooched. I have an extra copy of "Soul Music" by Terry Pratchett. Do you want it?

Booklogged said...

Sure, save Soul Music for me. I mooched a Dick Francis mystery and Madame, Will You Talk by Mary Stewart. Diane has read many novels by Stewart and she's a favorite author of hers.

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Cindi said...

There's not much better than old (long-time) friends and books. Hope you enjoy your new reads.

joven said...

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