Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcome Home Laptop!

My computer will be coming home this afternoon - I think.  I hope!  My computer has been having BIG problems for months, ever since we installed Windows 7.  Candleman installed it on his old computer causing it to run better than ever.  The sound, which wasn't working, started to work again.  We were impressed and quickly installed it on my computer.  Bad decision.  My sound quit working!  How crazy is that?!  Not only that, it developed problems all over the place.  We finally took it the the computer vet who kept it for several days.  He removed 350 viruses!  I was so excited to get it back but, alas! it was still slower than cold tar in January.

I set it aside for nearly a month while Candleman was working away from home and I used his computer.  Now that he's home he doesn't like sharing.  I don't love it, either.  So we took my computer back to the shop.  After trying all sorts of things that didn't work, we told the fixer-upper to just set it back to factory configuration.  When I stopped by yesterday he was adding some of the drivers that got removed in that process but he promised it would be finished today.  Candleman will be bringing it home this afternoon.

I haven't checked my email for weeks.  Egads!  Can you just imagine how many there might be?  I just realized that my address book will be gone and I'll have to start over trying to round up all those addresses again.  I backed up most of my stuff onto my external hard drive, but I don't think I did the addresses.

As long as my baby laptop comes home and works and runs quickly, I'll be happy to build up missing info.

***BIG SAD FACE***  My computer is home.  Candleman & TechGuy told me the first thing to do was reload the Windows 7 software.  I put the disk in but the computer says there is not a disk in that drive.  Next I tried an audio book disc in that drive.  Again the computer didn't recognize it.  We called the Techie and asked him about it.  He said he used that drive and it worked fine.  Candleman traded computers with me and said he'd give mine a try.  I think he has been majorly distracted by the tv.  He hasn't done anything for over 30 minutes now.  Blame it on Dr. Oz!   I think I'd be happy WITHOUT Windows 7.

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