Monday, April 05, 2010

Cousin Photo

I am hoping that my cousins will be able to help me identify all the people in this photo.  I do recognize most everyone, but I want to be sure I have the correct names with the right picture.   Please leave a comment if you can tell me anything about this picture - Who is in it?  Where we are?  When it was taken?  What was the occasion?   Do you remember anyone else that was at this event but not in the picture?  There is evidence of 2 people standing on the left that didn't make it in the photo - Are there any kids in your family that aren't in the picture?  Wayne, Steve and Susan Rasmussen are missing.  Susan may be one of the kids standing on the left, not in the picture.  Wayne or Steve may be on a mission.  Brent Collett is also missing - is he on his mission?


Framed said...

Here's my best guess:
1-Dwayne, 2-Scott, 3-Theo, 4-Mark, 5-Cheya, 6-Alan, 7-Clair, 8-Shaneen, 9-Paula, 10-Erlene, 11-Donna, 12-Roxanne, 13-Joe or Danny?, 14-Alwyn, 15-Greg, 16-??, 17-Becky. I think we were at Edna's house in Bountiful when she was still married to Dwayne. Was that his name?

Booklogged said...

Framed, you have an amazing memory I wonder where Susan was.

Rox said...

Good memory. 13 is Danny and 16 is Joe. Duane is my Dad's name, and this is the Bountiful house. I don't think they were still married at the time of this get together, however by the look on Grandma's face maybe they were. :) I wonder who's arm is by Clair.