Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

I decided to pass along some noteworthy items from other people.  The first - Utah Mom's Life.  This blog is hosted by my niece, Cindi Braby.  Her posts feature guest appearances, recipes, tips, sources and giveaways.  Right now she is giving away a family four pack of tickets for free admission to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point.  That includes the Magnets, Motors and the Mind special exhibit.  Skip on over to this site, enter the contest and have a look at the posts.  Be sure to leave a nice comment - it will pick up your spirits and I'm sure it will tickle Cindi.

My next section mention is THE BAD!   Last night I was watching The Biggest Looser, one of two shows that I watch faithfully.  I was so appalled by the language that I ended up turning it off.  I wrote the channel complaining of all the bleeps that did little to hide from my mind what was being said.  Today I discovered I was not the only viewer who was upset.  Check out Candleman's blog, LIVE AND LEARN.  He is issuing a ban on the show and the sponsors until they do something about the language.  He hopes that enough people will join him and the show will get the message that we want to watch but we won't until they clean things up.  If you agree, stop over and leave a comment.

And last the Beautiful.  Katie has started a new vlog where she reviews her books.  I think it is really awesome and thought you would like to know about it.  Here's her introduction.

And here's her first review:

Isn't this a fun way to hear someone's thoughts and opinions about the books they've read?! And you see what I mean by beautiful?   You can find her at  Or if you are on the YouTube site you can type in kate's book club into the search engine to find her.

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Cindi said...

She IS so beautiful! What a cool idea, Katie.