Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Look Back - May

May was a month of sowing for us. Most of the days included caring for the yard and garden. We set up 3 new grow boxes and amended the soil in the 2 older boxes. Time was spent weeding, pruning, transplanting and sowing seeds.

I've written 2 posts about our yard make-over and will probably do an update with pictures in the next few days. The hope is that what we sowed will produce an abundant crop in the fall that we can share with family and friends. We may be checking for unlocked car doors in the church parking lot so we can unload some zucchini!

Overall, May was a great month. It was fun to work side-by-side with Candleman in the yard. There were several bad days, though. I had some of the worst flare-ups of arthritis and fibromyalgia that I've ever experienced. So bad that I considered going to the doctor. Luckily I made it through without having to takes such a desperate action. There were a couple days of depression. I really felt bad that I was depressed on Katie's birthday, but I told her how I was feeling and she was most gracious to accept a birthday dinner a few days later. Alyson was able to come home for a few days and that is always a treat.

9th - A large group of family went to dinner at Canton City Buffet to celebrate Mother's Day. I have the best mother in all the world and rejoice in the blessing she has been to me. She is an inspirtation and model of a gracious hostess, a life long learner and a faithful follower of Christ.

12th - Katie's birthday. Holy cow! She's twenty!

15th - Julie Beth's birthday.

16th - Jennifer Rae's birthday. She turned 29 for the 5th time!

23rd-26th - Alyson and Kristi came up from Las Vegas. Kristi has been staying with Alyson for a couple of weeks looking for a job. It was so good to have them home.

25th - Memorial Day. Steve & Verona invited everyone to their house for a brunch. It was raining, but they pulled off a lovely breakfast. That evening we had a bbq are at house and played games afterwards.

30th - Susan Kay was in town. We had a bbq at Mom's house.
TV Shows: Amazing Race, Biggest Looser and 24 all ended this month.

Netfix Movies, Miniseries and TV Series: Australia, Victoria and Albert disc 1, Bramwell disc 1-3, Boston Legal season 1 and part of season 2

Movies in the Theater: Angels and Demons

Books Read: Bound, The Secret Keeper, The Vigorous Mind

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julie said...

I'm so glad that May was a good month for you, despite the few bad flare-ups! I can't wait to see your yard (and home) renovations and am trying to figure out when I'm going to visit this summer.

Did you enjoy Angels and Demons? I liked it better than the first one, especially since Tom Hanks' hair cut is so much better in this one! :)