Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poo Poo Paper?! For Reals?

A Look Back to Something I Can Still Remember

One month ago was Christmas and I wanted to record the presents I received and some of those I gave. I have two reasons for doing this: First, it will remind me next year who of my siblings and Candleman's siblings we gave to last year. Hopefully, that will make it easier to figure out who we give to in 2009. In both families we give to the person just younger than us, the next year two younger, and so on. For the life of me, I can't remember from year to year who gave to us or who we gave to. Maybe this will help. The second reason is to share with you the fun things we received.

Let's start with the MOST interesting present. Actually, I thing it's a safe bet to say that this is the MOST interesting present either of us have ever received. My brother and his wife, who live near DC, sent us each a journal made out of elephant poo poo paper! Here's the excerpt that helps sell the journals at their online bookstore: Be number one at doing number two with this ecologically responsible product. Help save Asian elephants and their habitat in Thailand by using 100% handmade, recycled “poo poo” paper made from eco-friendly elephant dung. The label says they are made from 100% Recycled and Odorless Paper Products Made from Elephat Poo! (The exclamation point is theirs.) Isn't that a hoot? Everyone at our Christmas Eve gathering at Mom's house got a big kick out of it. The paper is really pretty with a nice texture and absolutely no smell. I think it's a marvelous 'green' idea. They also gave us cute pens and an eco quiz game. Thanks, Wayne & Susan. We love it!

My Mom gave us some baggies filled with yummy mixes, along with recipes, for our food storage. There's a Cheesy Potato Soup, Raspberry Muffin Mix, Honey Wheat Pancakes and Tomato Powder, which you can add water to and make tomato paste or sauce. In fact, all you need to add to any of the mixes is water. As if that was not enough there was also a crisp bill so we could buy more food storage. She also included a 52-week buying plan for 2 people for a one-year supply of food. This is a most welcome present with the economy looking so sad. Thanks, Mom.

Candleman's brother and his wife gave us a set of Bocce boules (Italian for balls). We lent them a set that got chipped. Seems the grandkids had fun throwing them at the rock wall. I'll bet that was fun! Anyway we got a nice new set. YAY! Thanks Brad and Wendy. (Note to reader: if you haven't ever played Bocce you may want to check out the rules HERE. It's a fun outdoor game for 2 or more players. Two, four or eight people (or teams) can play with 8 balls. Borrow another set from a brother or nephew if there are more players.

Okay, I need to write shorter descriptions, or better still, write a list.

Presents to me
*from Jenny & John - a nice Nativity - carved from wood & similar to Willow Tree but even cuter.
*from Kristi & Ron - an gift certificate so I can buy music for my iPod and 1/2 box Frango mints Mmmm-Mmmm.
*from Alyson - an electronic picture frame filled with pictures of family.
*from Katie - an Amazon gift certificate (Yay, more songs), a long magnetic notepad and 1/2 box Frango mints.
*from Candleman - okay, I am totally embarrassed at how spoiled I am. All I asked for was a new window in my future library. Instead I got a completely finished library - new paint, carpet AND window with new bookshelves, a new desk and flat screen tv. And since my birthday is 5 days after Christmas all this counted as presents for that, too. Candleman did a fantastic job of building and finishing up this cozy little room for me.
*from my visiting teachers - a bottle of blackberry syrup.

Gifts given:
I've already forgotten. Which is a good thing because it is time to end this post!

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Framed said...

Gee, I didn't get a crisp bill. But my pancake mix is sooo good. And easy. I'll have to remember this post when I forget who I buy for next year. Right now, I know it's Steve and Verona; and I have an idea and that's all I'm saying.