Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Last of My Kitchen Desktop

During our basement remodeling, Candleman and I have had to give up our desks, but not our computers. Our computers have been moved to the kitchen table, which means we've also had to give up inviting all the kids and grand kids over for dinners or games. In the summer it wasn't so bad because we could use the picnic tables outside.

My table/desk serves as a bookshelf (a flat space to stack my books) until I could get my new books, either mooched or from publishers entered into my LibraryThing. It serves as my study area as I read and plan for our upcoming trip to Oregon. That naturally requires travel books, brochures and atlases to be ready and at hand. And when I need a place to add fringe to my crocheted scarves, this substitute desk has served me well.

Saturday evening I gathered yarn and some of my crocheted scarves so I could add fringe to them during conference on Sunday. Later I checked my email and there was a note from the owner of The Giveaway. I am signed up to giveaway two of my crocheted hats later this month. In the email she asked me to answer some questions and to submit a picture of my work area as it looked at that very moment. No cheating. The above picture is the result. What a mess!

Our family room is now ready for us. The dining table will be cleared off and life will return to some semblance of normalcy. The TV will be moved out the the living room. My current crochet project, yarn and hooks will all be moved. Our living room may stay clean. Dare I hope?!

I should be excited, but I'm not really. Right now everything I need is within short distances of each other - the bathroom, bedroom, my books and yarn, computer, tv, kitchen, snacks - and all on the same floor. Who knows, maybe I'll loose weight running up and down the stairs getting another skein of yarn, running to the bathroom, getting a snack, etc., etc. All that stuff will be upstairs while the computer and tv will be downstairs.

I've decided I want a smaller house!


Framed said...

When I first saw this picture, I wondered why you had dead animals on your kitchen table. chuckle. I'm excited you get to move downstairs again.

Cassie said...

Wasn't everything on the same floor before except the bathroom and kitchen? So Kris moved out huh? or just into a bedroom? It sounds like things might get back to normal.

Cindi said...

How cool that you got to remodel the family room (did I hear something about a flood? Not cool).

I hope you end up liking the extra space but I understand the joys of having everything close.

Booklogged said...

Framed, it does look bad doesn't it; no blood, tho.

Cassie, I guess you're right, but it has been so convenient to be on one floor.

Cindi, you heard correctly. The whole basement flooded and is slowly being remodeled and put back together. Your dear Uncle Candleman is working full-time and putting his carpentry skills to use.