Friday, March 07, 2008

February! *A Month in Review*

I am a bit slow in getting this posted. Hopefully, late is better than not-at-all.
Feb 4 - New LDS church presidency announced with Thomas B. Monsen as president with Henry B Eyring and Dieter F. Uchtdorf as his counselors. My sister's birthday, which I forgot and now need to do something magnificent to beg forgiveness. ;~D
Feb 5 - The new McDonald's opens. The old one was torn down five months ago.
Feb 10 - Katie moves home after living in Layton with Alyson for 3 1/2 months. The job market didn't cooperate.
Feb 28 - Candleman and I take off on a sun-seeking trip. This is what our front yard looked like on the morning we left. Mom comes along as far as Cedar City where she will stay with my sister for a few days. Susan, Julie, Mom and Candleman and I go to dinner at the Garden House. Delicious cream of asparagus soup and apple strudel. Then we played 6-dice for awhile. Of course, the best part was the visiting and laughing.
Feb 29 - Candleman and I drive to Zions Park. We did lots of picture-taking, some hiking and I even read a few pages from Lady Killer by Lisa Scottoline. We stopped for lunch at the Rewind Diner in Kanab. I highly recommend it. We tried falafel and loved it. Then it was on to the Glen Canyon Dam. The drive from Page, AZ to Cameron was fascinating. Our world is so beautiful and varied. We spent the night in Cameron. Candleman bought a new flute and drum at the huge gift shop. Dinner included the best Navajo fry bread ever. Also, it's Leap Day!

Books Read:
Listening for Lions by Gloria Whelan
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog by Elizabeth Peters
Random Passage by Bernice Morgan
The Book of Atrix Wolfe
Magyk by Angie Sage
Wild Wood by Charles de Lint
Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale


We've had lots of snow and cold weather, but we have enjoyed some sunny days that caused our snow amount to decrease. Candleman and I have suffered from flu and colds on 2 different occasions. The basement remodeling is progressing. We are now completely plumbed for natural gas water heater, furnace, stove and fireplace. To escape the winter blues, Candleman planned a quick trip to Arizona.


Alyson said...

Sounds like you had an exciting Feb. I hope your March is even better.

P.S. You have On DVD as the title to you summary.

Cassie said...

I love that you guys just picked up and went to Arizona. That is so cool. Oh the freedom!!

Framed said...

Where's my comment? I'm sure I left a comment. Did you delete it? Well, rest assured that it was highly intelligent, astute, meaningful with just the right touch of wit. Quite unlike this comment. It does sound like a fun month. Someday I will be able to travel at the drop of a hat but I'm afraid, by that time, I'll forget where I'm going and where I come from.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great month. I must admit that I enjoyed the alone time while you were in Arizona. I was able to recoop from my cold in peace. :P
I hope that March is fantastic also.