Thursday, July 13, 2006

Week #3 Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen FUN Things I Did This Week While Mostly on the 'Mooo've

1. Drove to Fielding/Logan for a Petersen family reunion.
2. Drove to Cedar City to see my sister and her family, play games and see plays.
3. Visited with family while eating a wonderful veggie sandwich at the Pastry Pub in Cedar City.
4. Went to St. George and bought some very cute quilt fabric.
5. Saw the plays On Golden Pond and The HMS Pinafore at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.
6. Visiting with S and her family at The Garden House in Cedar City while eating scrumptious food. Especially loved the soups: Sausage, cabbage & rice and creamed tomato Florentine.
7. Playing games with Davis, Corey and Audree . Also, getting hugs from my grand nephew and grand niece. Such cuties all of them
8. Seeing two of my favorite nieces, Julie and Cassie. They are just so darn cute.
9. One of the best parts of the week were seeing my Aunt Carol, Uncle Donald, Aunt Betty Jean and so many cousins and their families at the reunion.
10. Another best was attending plays with some of my aunts, cousins, mother, sister, brother, nieces and nephews.
11. And yet another best was traveling much of the time with my brother and his son.
12. Being with my sister is always a 'best' time.
13. The very best part of the weekend, though, was traveling everywhere with my mother. I'll never forget the laughter and face contorting over "going without the dip."


Cardine said...

'Mooo've!?! I love it.

Which play was your favorite?

booklogged said...

Hello Cardine! I loved both plays, but if I was to see one again I would like to see On Golden Pond. I think it was especially meaningful to middle-age and older. Very 'moo-ving'.

Framed said...

Mooo-st interesting. Ok, I'm reaching. I had a hard time thinking of nephew D. I knew nephew C's brothers didn't start with a D. Luckily I figures it out before I read further clues. Is it because I am now middle-aged and older?

julie said...

I'm really glad you came down with grandma! It was fun to see you and I always enjoy your company so much. Maybe sometime we can get Framed to come, too, and we could have all the sisters together. Then, if your daughters would come... wouldn't that be fabulous!? All the sisters and all their daughters. Sounds like a great idea. I promise to have myself and my mom here. :)

julie said...

P.S. I agree with you about the veggie sandwich and the GH soups. Yummy!!!!

julie said...

P.S. 2 - Sorry I never used "Moo" in anything. I didn't think hard enough. :)