Sunday, July 02, 2006

My Seven Seven List

Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
1. Take a cruise to Alaska (preferably with my Mother, brothers & sisters and their spouses)
2. A cruise to S. America and Antartica (with hubby and children would be ideal)
3. Finish cleaning my study
4. Visit every state in the U.S. (only 10 more to go)
5. Visit each of my children in their own homes
6. Visit the Peace Park in Hiroshima
7. Make at least one more trip to Oregon, Washington and Vancouver Island

Things I Cannot Do:
1. Have my whole house clean at the same time
2. Climb back down a ladder once I've gotten on the roof
3. Twist or fold my tongue
4. Whistle
5. Fit into a size 1
6. Avoid putting my foot in my mouth
7. Find time to be alone (JK)

Things I have Done That I'm Quite Proud Of:
1. Stayed married for 34 years
2. Raised four lovely daughters
3. Graduated from college
4. Taught high school biology for 14 years
5. Hosted a huge July 4th barbecue for the last upteen years
6. Prepared a terrific powerpoint Jeopardy for school
7. Learned to control my temper

Things I Often Say (or Think):
1. If it's before 10:30, I say "I'd like a #2 with a large diet coke"
2. If it's after 10"30, "I'd like a 3-piece chicken select with apple dippers instead of fries & a large diet coke" (You need to know I only do #1 or #2, not both in the same day)
Get those dirty dishes out of the family room
4. Go away I'm reading
5. I have to go to the bathroom
6. Every night as I lay down in my bed and put my head on my pillow and pull the quilts up around my shoulders, I thank the Lord for the comforts of my bed and that I am safe and protected from the elements. Every night I say this.
7. This is not anything I have often said yet, but I will be saying it a lot after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: "I love those moments . . . (pause) . . . I like to wave to them as they pass by."

Things That Keep Me Attracted Me to My Spouse:
1. He is genuinely trying to be the best person he can be
2. We share similar goals
3. He is not domineering
4. He is such a great father and grandpa
5. He loves my family (his in-laws)
6. He is smart and always learning
Nobody in the world is better to travel with

Movies I Could Watch Over & Over: (Who are you kidding?! I can only stand to watch a show 2 or 3 times at the most. So here's a few movies I've watched more than once)
1. American Dreamer
2. Men in Black
3. Finding Nemo
4. Sleepless in Seattle
5. DaVinci Code
6. Conspiracy Theory
7. Wait Until Dark

Things I'm Afraid Of:
1. Being without food
2. Seeing my children suffer heartache
3. Being without water, electricity, toilets, and fast food
4. Dying a slow, painful death
5. Watching anyone I love die a slow, painful death - I hope we all go in the blink of an eye.
6. Being stranded in the desert
7. Developing Alzheimer's


Framed said...

I can't believe you went and saw Pirates without me. I love Johnny Deppe.

I'm impressed with the things you've accomplished. With the exception of college, I can't match any of them. Maybe I control my temper, but that's because no one can read my mind. I can't control it.

Do you read that two of Cassie's friends will be at the bbq. Oh good, more people.

booklogged said...

Haven't seen Pirates yet - it doesn't come out until Jul 7. I just saw a trailer on tv. Love that quote! I did hear that Christina's brothers were coming. Hmmm...wonder how old they are? (the Matchmaker song from Fiddler is running through my brain right now.)

Myke said...

You forgot to include "..and that will be all." after "a number 2 with a large diet coke."

I am only the second best person in the world to travel with. And...I'm not even close to being the best person in the world to travel with.

julie said...

What great lists! You and framed come up with such great answers! Now for my comments:

I thought the one about your kids having their own homes is hilarious. My mom could relate. I think she's amazed that she finally has all her kids out of her house. Don't let her fool you, though, she misses me.

Honestly, I don't care if I'm never a size 1. If I get anywhere below a size 20, I'll be thrilled to death! The ladder one rings true for me, too. Scary! What were you doing on the roof in the first place?!?!

You should definitely be proud of all on your list. Congrats!

I laughed at #1-5 of the things you say often, especially #5. I haven't heard that quote before, it's lovely. I can't wait to see the movie.

You married a good man. I really enjoyed talking to him when we were up in May. He always has such interesting things to say.

Really, I enjoyed your lists immensely. Thanks for sharing.

booklogged said...

Myke, don't kid yourself. You ARE the best traveller. But the flattery was nice anyway.

Julie, Thanks for your comments. What plays will you be seeing this year?

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Booklogged, didn't know you had this blog. What a beautiful read!
I feel I know so much about you now. Just that it's hard to believe you have a temper.

Lotus Reads said...

Happy Fourth, booklogged! Wish I lived closer, the Jul 4th barbeque you have planned sounds like so much fun!

And we share a common fear of Alzheimers. I've seen so many people suffer with it, I hope so much I never have to. We're just going to have to keep reading and engaging in good conversations - hopefully it will keep the mind active.

Have a beautiful day!

booklogged said...

Susan, I had a temper as a teenager and as a young mother. That's when I worked so hard to get it under control. Now I very seldom loose my temper. What I'm trying to say it was something I did a long time ago, but I'm still proud of it.

Lotus, next year on your way to India you'll have to just plan a stop to Utah for the 4th! You'd be welcome and you're family, too.

Cassie said...

Nice lists. You guys are getting closer and closer to breaking me down. I'll have to think hard on it. I also love all the barbeques at your house. I'm so happy that you do it even though I'm sure it gets cumbersome at times. I have so many great memories at your house. And I always felt welcome there.

I love how our family loves to travel and how much effort and research you put into your traveling. I'm trying to adopt that same philosophy for Europe.

booklogged said...

Aaahhhhh, Cassie, that Europe trip is comming up soon. I'm so excited for you. We wil definitely have to have a barbeque when you are here on the 24th. We had fun meeting your friend Dave and his brother last night.

Lotus Reads said...

Awww, you're the nicest, booklogged! Thank you, I hope one day I can (visit you in Utah for the July 4th celebrations) and I hope you will visit me, too!

Katie Michelle said...

Wonderfully original lists! I agree that you say most of those things quite alot, but I really don't think that the Pirates of the Carribean one will come up much in a regular convorsation.

I love you so much and I am glad you decided to make this blog. It looks great already, I don't think you should try to work as hard on it as you did with your reader's journal! that one has so much work put into it that it makes up for this one! But seriously, you hog the computer enough as it is. This one is great already!

booklogged said...

Okay, Katie, I love you too. I won't fancy up this blog. It's been fun learning html, though. Would you really deprive me of that fun?!

On the contrary, I think moments like that will come up often and I will smile big and . . . wave to them as they pass by.

Cardine said...

I am interested in the Jeopardy! power point. Did you just scroll to the right slide for the answer or what?

Alyson said...

I'm glad you finally posted you lists. I've been a little busy or I would have read an commented on them sooner.

I'm glad you learned to control your temper as well; if not we would probably have a lot more holes in the wall. Just kidding, actually that incident and one other are the only times I even remember you losing you temper, so I don't think it was as bad as you make it sound :).

I agree with you also that dad is one of the best people to travel with. Although, I think you are the other. If dad has any advantage it is only because he is always willing to do the driving. I need to find a hubby like that; maybe that should have been on my list of what would attract me to my future spouse.

I hope you don't mind if Katie and I go to see Pirates without you this weekend. If it's good, maybe we'll go again when you get home.

I love you and I'm glad I got to learn all these interesting things about you.

booklogged said...

Cardine, I think Julie's mother is going to make a visit sometime in the next 6 weeks. If she does I'll send a CD with the template for Jeopardy back with her.

Aly, I can't believe you'd go to Pirates without me. You know it will break my heart! (Okay, so I'm lying. I know you went and I'm okay with it. Look forward to hearing how you liked it.)

It's always shocking how different people remember past events so differently. I NEVER put a hole in the wall. I don't know who did, BUT IT WAS NEVER ME!!!! I'm just curious. In your memory, did I hit the wall? Or maybe I kicked it?

And yes you should marry a man like your dad. It wouldn't all be easy, but it would be worth it. (Hmmmmm...that sounds familiar)

FrogTracks said...

Nice places on where you would like to visit! Also, loved your accomplishments list. I can roll my tongue, but not sure what you mean by twist or fold.

Myke said...

Can I go? Can I go? I wanna go!?

booklogged said...

Myke, of course, you can come. That's a forgone conclusion.